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Smoked Oats is the Soap of the Week

Imagine a peaceful evening with the smell of a campfire. It is the story of the great American outdoors and memories. We have been able to capture these scents and combine them with toasted ground oats, goat milk, and the cleansing power of activated charcoal to make a truly magnificent bar of soap. Our Smoked Oats bar provides gentleness on the skin, an Americana fragrance in the shower, while potent cleaning power with the activated charcoal.

Because of its quality and character, we have made our Smoked Oats Moonshine Goat Milk Bar the soap of the week here at Moonshine Mountain Soap Company. As part of our authenticity, we have added a little 100 proof moonshine to every small batch.

The earthiness and outdoor aroma of this soap, makes it a favorite of both men and women alike. Set your shower ablaze with our Smoked Oats bar this week.

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