Harvest Time

Harvest Time


The Harvest Time Jar Bar is one of our most unique soaps.  While all our other soaps are made with plant oils of the finest quality, The Harvest Time bar is an old-fashioned lard soap.  While lard is often frowned upon in the current world of soap, it still is one of the best ingredients found for soap making.  We have added a little corn grit for exfoliation and a wonderful scent of tobacco and sage to make this a complete experience in the shower.


We made this Jar based on our own personal history associated with farming, harvest time, family, and sippin' out of the jar.  Each time we make a small batch of this soap, we are truly appreciative of our family, the earth, and all that nature gives us.  You will be impressed with this soap and we hope that it also takes you back to your roots.  An excellent gift and certainly a conversation piece.  Sip and sud up with The Harvest Time Jar Bar.  

  • Ingredients

    Lard, Water, Corn, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Moonshine, Fragrance


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