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Moonshine Goat Milk Soaps Are Here

As promised, we have added our newest line of goat milk soaps to our site. Meet our Triple X Moonshine Goat Milk Soaps with new scents coming every week. We are excited to share these products and know that everyone will be more than satisfied in the shower.

Our highlights this week go out to our Smoked Cedar & Clay Bar and our Charcoal Pine Tar & Oats Bar. Both spectacular with different levels of exfoliation.

The Charcoal Pine Tar & Oats Bar contains the right amount of pine tar so that it is not over powering in the shower yet contains the perfect combination of both activated charcoal and ground oats for intense exfoliation that is gentle on the skin.

The Smoked Cedar & Clay Bars may be one of the most popular bars of soap we have ever made. This is an enchanting combination of charred cedar, bergamot, oakmoss, and clary sage. We have added Mediterranean Red Clay for gentle exfoliation.

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