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Meet The Sour Mash Jar Bar

Sour mash whiskey is uniquely American in every detail. The term "sour mash" refers to the process used in the distilling industry that uses material from an older batch of mash to start the fermenting of a new batch. This is very similar to how sour dough bread starter is made. If you grew up like we did, you probably remember your mother or grandmother having a batch of this fermenting on the kitchen counter that eventually turned out those big fat yeast rolls. If you have never experienced this then you have most likely missed out on one of the great culinary treats from the farmhouse kitchen.

At Moonshine Mountain Soap Company we pride ourselves on being all-natural and authentic. Our newest Jar Bar continues our tradition of making great moonshine soaps. The Sour Mash Jar Bar is strong and bold in every way. Scent is one of the most powerful of all senses and in this bar, we have captured the combinations of whiskey, cognac, bourbon and wine. We have added some 100+ proof moonshine made here from North Carolina Distilleries to make it perfect.

We have named this bar The Sour Mash because it embodies the combination of spirits from the old world to the new where the history and culture of moonshine begins here in America. The sour mash is sweet and rugged at the same time and makes for a great experience in the shower. Regardless of whether or not you have ever tasted sour mash whiskey or experience the process of how sour mash works, we know that you definitely can appreciate a big fat bar of all-natural soap that give you a great fragrance in the shower and leaves you with rich, thick lather.

Try our Sour Mash Jar Bar. It, much like sour mash whiskey is uniquely American, authentic, and great in every way. Visit us at and order yours today.

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