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  • Do you use moonshine in all your soaps?
    We add a touch of moonshine to all our soaps with the exception of the Hangover Helper. This bar is made with freshly brewed coffee.
  • How did you come up with the Jar Bar?
    The Jar Bar is our own creation. It started with an idea and along with the help of a few close friends we were able to create our own mold and design. It is original to us. We got tired of making bar soaps and wanted something different for our business and our customers. The Jar Bar has been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office with a patent pending.
  • What makes your soaps all-natural?
    We use only plant derived oils and butters found in nature. No man-made ingredients or synthetic colorants are used in any of our products. We color our soaps with mica and clays. Our scents are high-quality fragrance oils that are purchased from companies in the wholesale soap fragrance business. We use nothing that will harm your skin or hair. The one soap that does not have plant oils is The Sour Mash Jar Bar. This is an old-fashioned soap made with lard.
  • How do you make your soaps?
    We make every bar in our shop using a traditional cold-process method. Saponification is the chemical reaction that comes from mixing lye into the base oils, which creates soap. We even make our own molds. Our soaps are poured individually in molds in small batches.
  • What is the white film or discoloration on the back of my Jar Bar?
    That white film on the back of your Jar Bar is called soda ash. It generally appears during the first few days after making your soap, either while it’s setting in the mold. Soda ash happens to nearly every cold process soap maker at some point in time. It occurs on our Jar Bars because it is the top surface when we make and pour each bar. The good news is soda ash doesn’t affect the safety of your soap or how your soap works. It’s completely harmless. The white film on will wash away during the first use or two. There are a few different reasons why soda ash appears. The first is exposure to air. The consensus is that soda ash is sodium carbonate, which forms when lye reacts to carbon dioxide in the air during saponification. This explains why soda ash only appears on the back surface of your Jar Bar, or any edges exposed to air, and never in the middle of the bar. The key to getting it gone is to get in the shower with your Jar Bar and use it. This is where the suds begin.
  • How much does a Jar Bar weigh?
    Our Jar Bars are big, thick, and weigh on average 10 or more ounces. This is often more than twice the weight of a typical bar of soap. The shape of the bar allows you to wrap your hand around the jar to hold the bar, saving the jar for last.
  • How long will the Jar Bar last?
    The simple answer is it just depends. We have had bars last well up to six weeks or more. Since all of our soap is all-natural, if it is left to sit in water, it will start to melt away, shortening it’s life. The secret to getting the most life out of your bar is to let it completely dry out between uses on a wire rack or soap dish that drains. Placing your bar on this will allow for drying of the underneath side of the bar, greatly extending the number of showers and uses. We have designed the Jar Bar to stand it up on the bottom of the jar. This makes for better drainage and display.
  • Where is Moonshine Mountain? Moonshine Mountain Soap Company?
    Moonshine Mountain is the name associated with lots of places, real and ficticious. If you drink enough moonshine, it is not a hard place to find or to get lost. The most important thing to us is the fact that Moonshine Mountain Soap Company is the only place you will find a Jar Bar. Moonshine Mountain Soap Company is located in Catawba, North Carolina. We do not have a storefront shop but will ship to anywhere we possibly can.
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